President's Message

Dr. Abdul Razzaque Ahmed


The law is no longer limited to its conventional model of being known as a mere discourse which regulates external human behavior and assures social justice. The law is slowly exhibiting itself as an indispensable mechanism of change as it has shown to be an efficient and useful device for implementation of economic and public policy, thereby strengthening the foundation of the economy.

The new idea of law and jurisprudence necessitates an unconventional approach to legal studies and research. Theoretical knowledge – one mere restricted to legal documents without interdisciplinary investigations and practical exposure is not tenable in the present day scenario, as one cannot develop the skill of interpreting the legal issues which have emerged as a result of the evolution of new economic understanding and technological advancement of the present millennium. All these necessitate Lawyers, Academicians, and Researchers with exposure and skill to play a crucial role in chartering the direction of our nation with sensitivity, wisdom, conviction, and devotion. This requires institution of high standards, which will stimulate intellectual inquiry and excellence.

The academic curriculum, incorporating emerging areas of Law in the syllabi on a regular basis pedagogy and teaching methods are devised to facilitate the young aspiring lawyers to analyze critically, well acquainted with legal principles and practice from a comprehensive perspective. The College assures to bridge the gap between the principles and practical applicability of concepts throughout the learning process which are simulative, participative and multi-disciplinary.

The College persuade the pupils to take part in Moot Court Contests, literary functions, conferences and seminars, cultural and sports activities within the College as well as outside to enable them to develop their abilities in their respective areas. We are dedicated to giving to the society, proficient lawyers and judges, competent administrators, intellectuals, academicians and socially responsible citizens. Soon, the College work towards exchange arrangements for students with institutions in India and abroad. The College sincerely aims to attain the goal of making legal education as an instrument of social, political and economic change. It is my sincere belief that the College shall advance in its endeavors to nurture and improve quality legal education and make this institution one of the best in the country.