Mission & Vision Statement

NBSA Women's College of Law provides a scholarly ambience in which students learn, in and outside the class room, to become outstanding legal professionals and leaders who serve the profession and society. We are committed to the dual goals of access and excellence by creating a welcoming and vibrant educational community that is rich in diversity in all of its varied forms, and by offering students the fullest opportunity to participate and experience through flexible and innovative programs.

The mission and vision is realized through:

  • To instill in each student a sense of intellectual curiosity and commitment to life-long learning.
  • To strive for evolving and imparting comprehensive legal education
  • To customize and evolve pedagogy as appropriately as possible to enrich the objectives and methods of teaching and learning process
  • To contribute to the philosophy in 'rule of law' by disseminating legal knowledge and legal processes and their role in societal/human development by organizing lectures, seminars, symposia, workshops and conferences
  • To open dialogue and debate with the stake holders on contemporary legal and social issues
  • To enrich legal scholarship by publishing periodicals, journals, reading material, law reports and other associated legal literature
  • To organize legal awareness/ literacy camps in the community and assist the state legal services center, the human rights authority, the empowerment machineries of the state in the pursuits of women, children, differently abled persons, tribals, dalits and down-trodden
  • To undertake research projects, training camps, legislative drafting, research assistance to the judiciary and law firms
  • To promote cultural, legal and ethical values with a view to promote and foster the rule of law and the objectives enshrined in the Constitution of India
  • To improve the ability with a view to analyse and present for the benefit of the public, contemporary issues of public, concern and their legal implications
  • To liaise with the institutions of higher learning and research in India and abroad
  • To promote legal awareness in the community for achieving social, economic and political justice.
  • To build a cadre of rural legal practitioners and assist in justice delivery system