NBSA Law College is committed to provide an atmosphere in which academic excellence is the foremost priority for students. The College also realizes that the province of academics is only a part of the realm of life. The College believes it is not merely academics which shape the destiny of an individual, but the totality of being which determines the fate. Thus the College endeavors to facilitate a wholesome life experience for its students. In respect to many details of the life of the students, the College seeks a participatory process where the students themselves collectively take responsibility of their ways of life. In line with this view we has constituted several student committees which enable students to pursue individual interests and take part in various literary, cultural and recreational activities throughout the academic year.

It is a matter of great pride for all of us at the Law College that students enjoys substantial autonomy and is in fact encouraged by the faculty to engage in a wide range of curricular and co-curricular activities as well as hostel administration. Every class elects two student representatives who together form the Class Council. This body liaises with the faculty on academic issues. Similarly, students are also involved in the administration of the hostels through three committees appointed by the Warden - namely the General Welfare Committee (GWC), Mess Committee and Disciplinary Committees.

Student edited magazine "Law Vision" contains articles and interviews of experts from varied fields, and our very own students. The magazine is circulated amongst dignitaries in Delhi such as the President of India, Chief Justice of India, Minister of Law & Justice, Supreme Court of India and Bombay High Court Judges, Law firms in Mumbai and Delhi, Senior Counsel and Counsels in Mumbai, all the students and faculty of NBSA Law College, as well as all law colleges across India. The Magazine Committee is committed to organize its three annual essay writing competitions to encourage the spirit of literary excellence amongst students in NBSA Law College and across India.