Founder's Message

Dr. Rana Noor Siddiqui


The legal profession is one among the few that has the potential to make a genuine difference in society. While we see ourselves as facilitators of change, it is the passion and commitment displayed by you that makes change possible. We strongly believe that the ethics, values and sense of social justice you imbibe from the faculty at NBSA Women's Law College will serve to guide and power your legal career.

In its aspiration of contributing to socially relevant legal education, NBSA Women's Law College recognizes that its academic agenda and curriculum would critically engage with the challenges imposed by the unequal world order to the 'rule of law'. We recognize that legal education, in order to become justice education, must constantly reinvent itself to generate a productive critique of systemic and structural inequalities. Rule of law is the yardstick that measures the level of success of good governance in a democratic country. In India it is declared to be a basic structure. Constitutional commitment to rule of law would be a farce unless it is followed in practice in its governance. In this long and arduous journey to translate the rule of law into reality, law schools and law colleges have a pivotal role to play in shaping and honing committed, disciplined and well informed advocates, judges and academicians.

NBSA Women's Law College curriculum inculcates in the students critical and analytical thinking towards the issues of Contemporary concern. The students are always challenged to strive for excellence, and the College is always present to help them frame their individual opinion and help them have their voice heard. Our contemporary and compendious curriculum and courses are designed to focus on the development and refinement of legal skills eminently relevant in the twenty-first century. In furtherance of this idea, we also keep the students aware of recent hot topics in law like IPR, Cyber Law, Media Law, Banking Law, Law of Medicine, and Law and Technology etc.

We believe that mix of competent, enlightened and dedicated faculty, a meticulously designed curriculum and an optimum infrastructure is going to ensure NBSA Women's College of Law a respectable name in India and in the world.